Friday, January 18, 2013

Poetry Analyses:

1) Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night: -Purpose:It seems That Thomas is writing to explain to the reader that Death is inevitable and to go on fighting it until the end of life to better one's self. -Paraphrase: Thomas shows through the poem how different "men" with different views on life experience their impending death. Such as the 'Grave men' and the 'Good men' there is a definite distinction between the two states of thinking. -Structure:It is very noticeable how Thomas alternates the use of night and light at the end of each stanza, so it has very structured rhyming schemes which could be seen as ABC ABC ABC and so forth. -Shift: There isn't a noticeable shift in my opinion. The poem starts out dark and and end pretty dark, so it has some consistency. -Speaker: There isn't one? -Spelling/Grammar/Diction: Thomas uses very simple diction and grammar is normal. -Tone: It has sort of a motivational tone for me oddly enough, the way I analyzed it, the poem seems to indicate that Thomas was writing with semi optimistic feelings, to go on fighting until the end? Life is a struggle yes. And to go on fighting gives much motivation to make oneself better. -Theme: To go on fighting through adversity in life, because one day it will end. Title: "Do Not Go Gentle into The Night" 2)We Real Cool -Purpose: From what I could conjure from my own thoughts, and research (, the poem is mainly about the younger generation, judging by the grammar "We Real Cool" (makes no sense) It could also describe our quickly diminishing morals too. -Paraphrase: It is definitely a short short poem. So paraphrasing itself would probably have more lines than the poem however, the poem starts with: "we Real Cool. We left school" and goes on to talk about sin and gin and then dying eventually. -Structure: Has the most atrocious structure I've ever come across. It starts out with bad grammar, and everything in the poem seems to be irrelevant. -Shift: The shift comes from after "we thin sin" and "We Jazz June" it suddenly goes over to death. -Spelling/Grammar/Diction: The spelling is fine, Grammar however is atrocious, and the diction is minimal and easy to understand. -Tone: The tone of the poem is basically apathetic and lost and just wasteful. -Theme: I think that the poem is themed after how ridiculous and wasteful some people can get when they do not find their purpose in life. The length of the poem basically indicated that. Being so short and pointless, it mirrors how the author may think of people who act in sucha ways. Title: "We Real Cool"

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