Sunday, December 9, 2012

Literature Analysis- The Kite Runner General Questions: 1)The Kite Runner is a book about the relationship between two friends Hassan and Amir in Afghanistan. The Two children were great friends until Hassan was raped where everything changed. That is where Hassan's and Amir's friendship fell apart. Years go by and they are in separate places. Amir in San Francisco, CA, and Hassan is in Afghanistan. One day Amir receives a call from one of his uncles and discovers that Hassan is dead and has a son who is kidnapped. Therefore Amir feels that saving Hassan's son is the only way for redemption. The Main theme behind the Kite Runner basically is redemption, that's what it all falls under, Amir all throughout the book feels he needs to redeem himself for the bad deeds that he had done back when he was a child, and his redemption proposes itself through saving Hassan's child. The t one is very constant in the book. Khaled Housseini starts of the book with a tone thatseems very reflective and reminiscient. some literary elements that were noticeable were appropriate usage tone, the narration style was in 1st person for mostly half of the book was all flashbacks until Amir recevies the call from his good friend. Characterization: A very clear example of Amir's character is given indirectly when Amir had taken no action when Hassan was clearly getting raped and beaten. Hassan's character is always indirectly shown as strong, brave, even though he's always been somewhat prejudged because of his ethnicity, he always seems to carry on. He is also very loyal to Amir witch adds even more to Amir's guilt as time passes by. Since the narration is in the first person it added more to the sense that this book was more as if I was interacting with Amir than just reading him off a page.

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  1. Hello, I really enjoyed reading your post and I am looking forward to seeing more. When can you post Lit Terms 1-5, Spring Plan 1, and the AP Prep Post 1: Siddhartha? I am looking forward to reading them when you get the chance to post them.