Friday, January 25, 2013

smart goal

S: im going to be more attentive in classes including this one M:score at least a 3-5 of the exam and end last semester on a high note A:by watching grades hence 4.0GPA R: Be more attentive T: 6 Monthso0


  1. I think your smart goal is really a great one all though it is simple. I think another thing that would you get a good grade since TA's are starting to go around is if you updated your blog more often. Not only assignments but maybe how you plan to study for the exam as well. (:

  2. Hey, it looks like you haven’t completed the Lit terms 83-108. It has been entered into the grade book but I look forward to seeing more assignments from you.

  3. Hey, it looks like you haven't posted the Literary Terms 108-137, BOB I, and the I AM HERE assignment. I look forward to seeing them when you post them.