Monday, September 17, 2012

Vocab Definitions For Vocab List #6:

Definitions: Obsequious- Obedient or attentive to an almost servile degree Bete Noire- One who is detested and avoided Bode- To be an Omen of Dank- Soggy, or moist Ecumenical- Universal Fervid- Overly-enthusiastic, burning hot, or glowing. Fetid- Pungent Gargantuan- Giant HeyDay- Prime-time Incubus-something that burdens someone Infrastructure- The underlying framework for something. Inveigle- Persuasion by deception Kudos- acclaim for exceptional achievement Lagniappe- Small Gift. Prolix- Use of excessive words. Protege- one under the protection of another. Prototype- First or preliminary model Sycophant- Self Flattering or obsequious. Tautology- Using different words to explain the same thing Truckle- Small barrel shaped cheese --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sentences: Ronny His obsequiousness was undeniable, every time the teacher asked a question no matter what it was Ronny was first to shoot up his hand. Due to His obsequiousness,and abrasive nature, Ronny was considered a Bete Noire to the general populous of the school, and was avoided like the plague except for his best and only friend Tyler who was a ladie's man by any standard. Unfortunately, even most of his family considered him a bode, and did not appreciate his presence. His high schools years were full of dank sadness, as his parents didn't really care for him, but focused their attention on their daughter who was already graduating out of college. He thought of his problem as,ecumenical, as if all went through it. Underneath his abrasive and rude nature, lay a sweet human being with a fervid willingness to please others, however feeling this was a sign of weakness, he did not show it.Living on his own in Minsesota, having not spoken to his parents since he left his home, lost all contact with Tyler his only friend. He was alone and a bit bitter, until one day he sees a beautiful woman taking out a fetid bag of trash, and felt something he'd never felt before. But only observed.After weeks of observing this woman,and saying hi every now and then. Ronny learned that her name was Renee, and she'd always take a gargantuan load of trash out on Wednesdays.So after another week, Ronny felt as if he was having a Heyday,that Wednesday and decided while Renee was taking out the trash he would muster up all his confidence and go help her and possibly try and spark up a conversation.As he was going the stairs to go seek out his prospective friend, there is an incubus to his plan. Another male has already beaten him to the task. His whole Infrastructure for talking to her is now demolished and he swiftly leaves upstairs bawling, leaving Renee and the other male a bit confused and laughing.Broken, He searches for solace and searches for his old buddy Tyler. Eventually finding contacts information, Ronny being Inveigle convinces Tyler to come all the way from California to come visit Ronny.As Tyler arrives in Minesota and comes to Ronny's new apartment, he gives Kudos for Ronny's living conditions. While Tyler is informed about Ronny's girl situation, Tyler knows exactly what to do. He tells Ronny to perform a magic trick on the unsuspecting lady- Renee and materialize a lagniappe and give it to her. Ronny agrees.With a Prolix of words, Ronny explains every step to Tyler of what he is supposed to do and then now is ready.Ronny, now Tyler's Protege in the art of picking up girls is now put to the test. Tyler takes him to a party to where he performs the trick on unsuspecting an unsuspecting crowd.No longer an obsequious sycophant Ronny now was a social butterfly and the life of the party. Performing his magic tricks and wooing the crowd.Without being tautologous, he succeeded and brought a new spark to his life.Then right after performing at the party, he decided to take it to the real deal and perform it on Renee. He did. It worked and they started dating and then eventually got married and lived happily with their two and a half kids. Now wasn't that a truckle?

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