Monday, October 29, 2012


Facebook. Nearly everyone has it. As of right now while typing this blog post my facebook is concurrently open and constantly refreshing statuses, messages, and groups that I'm apart of. Originally based as a social network this website has undergone so much from the young and old minds that control it. We have revolutionized its usage by making it into more than just a social setting but a place where we can discuss thoughts freely, talk freely, and a chance to leave our own positive influence to this world some way or another. For example, just for this class, I'm apart of 3 different facebook groups that all notify me when a student has per say decides to comment on the group discussing a topic or whatever within the group talking about hamlet, this notification alerts me right after she/he had posted. This maximizes convenience and allows for me to get to that information right when I need it. However the pitfall of facebook is definitely for all the amount of use this invention has yielded, it has yielded just as much nonsense causing for a terrible amount of "fluff" like this have become a particular fad and all the more irritating. To me Facebook somewhat mimics how the human mind works at a superficial level- actively refreshing itself, by absorbing all the things that are changing, some of the things that are shared are interesting, and the rest fluff. My original thoughts of facebook have evolved so much since I had joined it. Originally when I was maybe 12 or 13 I joined it mainly because- hey everyone has one I don't want to be out of the loop maybe I can gain popularity by doing so as well. So it became more of a device to help my social standings. As I got older and evolved, so did my views of facebook, no longer was it just a device to socialize in but it became a vital tool. I soon realized that the options were endless. The one thing that had really made me believe that Facebook could be more than just a social media scheme was my father's Photography Business. I watched his business go from handing out cards at random areas, to clients coming to us because they saw the facebook page that exhibited our pictures. But now on a major scale the Revolution in Egypt some 2 years ago was apparently assembled in facebook. it's one thing for facebook to help with a business and marketing scheme, but to help fuel an underground revolution that's incredible. You see facebook does more than just connect it gives us this feeling that we are able to produce a good picture of us for society thus leaving a good and bright Internet Footprint.


  1. You raise some important issues here.

  2. Fate has descended upon the hour
    Seek out that which is a vacuum of power
    A place from which the new replaced the old
    A place where the American stories were told

    Find this place of a year past
    Follow the breadcrumbs follow fast
    I am telling you where this trail goes
    Don't forget your glasses and your nose

    Find the new philosopher-queen
    In the room familiar to your year younger teen