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Beowulf Reading Comprehension Questions

[Prologue: The Rise of the Danish Nation] (lines 1-85, pp. 33-34)

Answer: The way Shield became the ruler of the Danes was unusual because Shield rose to power from being apart of lower class to being a great ruler of the Danes. The relation between Hrothgar and Shield is that Hrothgar is the son of Shield's son.


[Heorot is Attacked] (lines 86-188, pp. 34-36)

1. Basically "Heorot" was a mead hall which was mostly that was made in trubute for Hrothgar's kingdom. "Grendal" the demon/ fiend had attacked it after a time of great prosperity and peace of twelve years. Despite all of the Dane's efforts of trying to take down Grendal, all fails which sets the stage for Beowulf's arrival. 

[The Hero Comes to Heorot] (lines 189-490, pp. 36-42)
1. Upon hearing of Grendal's attacks from sailors who have come and gone into the land of the Geats, Beowulf rallies up fourteen men and sets sail to Hrothgar's kingdom to see what the whole deal was behind Grendal's attacks

2 The Geats that Beowulf brings meet the Watchman whose sole purpose was to determine whether the Geats were a threat or not, but then Beowulf quickly tells the watchman their purpose of landing in that port and the watchman allows the men to enter into the city.

3. Wulfgar asks for what Beowulf and his army has come for  when Beowulf asks to meet with Hrothgar, Wulfgar impressed by the army's weaponry and utility, he calls upon Hrothgar. Beowulf's reputation had obviously been noted when Hrothgar tells that he knows of Beowulf's experiences. It is not surprising as for Hrothgar is the legendary king of the Danes so why wouldn't he be aware of a warrior of such high caliber.

[Feast at Heorot] (lines 491-661, pp. 42-46)

1. Apparently, Beowulf was involved in a swimming match, and was beaten by a fish, and Unferth was constantly teasing Beowulf about losing, then Unferth claims that he'd be able to beat Beowulf in the same match, but Beowulf retorts and bluntly tells Unferth that he wouldn't ever be able to handle such a challenge with so many dangerous creatures, and thus making him inept to fight Grendel. 

2.  The Queen invites Beowulf and his men to drink, whilst thanking the gods for directing Beowulf towards them.
[The Fight with Grendel] (lines 662-835, pp. 46-49)

1. Instead of practicing his techniques with his men, or crying or any other type of preparation, he puts himself into a sort of trance-like state, waiting and mentally preparing himself for the situation he is thrusting himself into.

2. Fueled by the lust for eating a Geat, Grendel enters and then is in contact with the great Geat Beowulf and is taken aback when a limb is torn off by Beowulf.

[Celebration at Heorot] (lines 836-1250, pp. 49-60)

1. They're both alike because they both had been true great warrior, yet unlike each other because Sigemeund was unable to take care of his homeland while Beowulf


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